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What is Phrasal Verbs in Britain?

.Phrasal Verbs in Britain・ is a set of 3 texts which teaches English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students how to use phrasal verbs in real situations. The phrasal verbs can be used in any English speaking country but the topics in the book are about Britain; its history, people and culture.

What is different about Phrasal Verbs in Britain?

  • There are plenty of Phrasal Verbs texts available. However, Phrasal Verbs in Britain is the only text which can be used by both teachers and students, for self study or for use in the classroom.

  • Unlike other phrasal verbs texts, Phrasal Verbs in Britain uses real-life articles and stories, written by professional writers and adapted for EFL learners.

  • The topics are based on Britain, its history, people and culture. This shows you authentic English language in use, rather than just .sentences・ (which you find in other phrasal verb books).

  • Colour photos bring the texts to life and practice exercises help you to really learn and remember the vocabulary and grammar.

  • The accompanying audio file means that you can listen while in the car, exercising in the gym or at home.

What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb or multi-word verb is a main verb plus one or two particles e.g. work out (work = verb and out = particle).
Sometimes it is possible to guess the meaning of a phrasal verb e.g. sit down (sit) because the verb and the meaning are similar. However, it is often difficult to guess the meaning of a phrasal verb because the verb is not similar to the meaning e.g. put off (delay).
Also, phrasal verbs often have more than one meaning e.g. cut down (reduce and chop).
It is important for students of English to understand the use of phrasal verbs in context.

Why are phrasal verbs important?

Phrasal verbs are important because they are used in everyday spoken English. They form an important part of all major English language tests.
If you have ever found it difficult to understand English in magazines, newspapers, on TV or on the radio, then you probably need to improve your knowledge of phrasal verbs.
Most qualified and experienced English language teachers will tell you that any successful English course should include phrasal verbs from elementary / pre intermediate level and beyond.

Who are these books for?

These phrasal verb books are ideal for any English language student from pre-intermediate level and beyond.
Phrasal verbs are an important part of many exams, which makes Phrasal Verbs in Britain ideal for TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge First Certificate and PET students.
It is also suitable for use by teachers in the classroom for students of all ages and nationalities. Each module is presented so that it is easy to use and adapt.
The text is ideal for use along with other texts as part of a course of study.

What does it contain?

Each module begins with a true short .story・ or article showing twelve phrasal verbs in natural use.
The next page asks you to insert the correct multi-word verb into the gaps and then to match each multi-word verb with the appropriate synonym.
Each module has been developed from a professionally written, real article and includes writing to argue, persuade, advise, inform, explain, describe and entertain. The narrative texts are short (about 200 words), but interesting and realistic, so you will learn how to use the language in natural settings and contexts.
Each module includes colour photographs to bring the text to life.

The book comes with listening exercises for practice in the car, at the gym or at home. These have been professionally recorded by a native speaker. The articles and stories include British history, food, famous people, current issues, music, television and film. Here are the modules for Phrasal Verbs in Britain:

Now Only $14
Great Fire of London
Breaking Up
Guy Fawkes
The Real 007
Robin Hood
Famous Heists
Greatest Athlete
Bees Escape
Beatles Biography
Staying Single
Can・t Pay the Bills
Elizabethan Theatre
Yorkshire Pudding
7 Star Hotel
Coronation Street
Amazing But True
Slim or Die Man
The Mummies Curse
Review 1
Review 2
Review 3

Now Only $14
Scott of the Antarctic
Worst Ever Jobs
Sherlock Holmes
Smoking Ban
The British Cold
Drink Problems
Salem Witch Trials
Fox Hunting
39 Steps
Victorian Christmas
Wind Turbines
Big Brother
Cornish Pasties
Battery Farming
Driving Tips
Review 1
Review 2
Review 3
Now Only $14
London Plague
Getting Over It
On The Pull
Victorian Schools
Fawlty Towers
Tree Man
Worst Ever Jobs
King Henry 8th
Jack The Ripper
Werewolf Boy
Olympic Games
Great Robberies
Coming Home
Yoda the Cat
Most expensive restaurant
Ice Hotel
Spanish War
Review 1
Review 2
Review 3
Each book contains 3 review lessons to help you remember previously learned language.
There is also a glossary with translations (currently available only in Mandarin).

About the author

My name is Jamie Oliver (BSc. Hons, Cert. TESOL, PGCE Eng., Adv. Dip. TESOL) and I・m a qualified and experienced English Language Teacher. I have taught English in high schools and language schools across the world including Britain, Japan, Taiwan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. I have taught all ages and nationalities of students.

As an English teacher with over 15 years・ experience, I became frustrated by the lack of quality EFL materials available relating to phrasal verbs.
My students enjoyed learning phrasal verbs, but it took time and effort adapting resources to match their needs.

I also found my students wanted to study phrasal verbs but became frustrated by the current range of texts on the market today. They found the books uninteresting to use and forgot new words easily.
I wrote Phrasal Verbs in Britain to match the needs of both teachers and students. By putting together interesting, real world articles the vocabulary is easy to remember because students are interested in what they are learning.

What skills can I practice?

Phrasal Verbs in Britain practices reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. By using all four skills, the vocabulary is more easily remembered and absorbed.

This is what you get with Phrasal Verbs in Britain Book One:

54 Crammed Pages with Colour Photos
214 Phrasal Verbs in Natural, Everyday Use
Professional Native Speaker Audio File (MP3)
18 Practice Exercises                                                                           
3 Review Modules V Practice Vocabulary/Grammar
18 Professionally-Written Modules
Glossary Section (Mandarin translation available)
Answer Key
100% Satisfaction
We are positive you will love Phrasal Verbs in Britain. However, if for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the product or our services, drop us a line within 90 days and we will give you a full refund. That means this is completely risk free for you.

Remember this is completely risk-free for you.
But please hurryK this is a special introductory price and it can・t last forever.
Only the first 150 customers will get
Phrasal Verbs in Britain Books SET at $37.

When 150 copies have been sold the price must return to $42.

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